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 I'm Duke Ferguson, Owner / CEO and master trainer of Unleashed Potential K9 Academy and creator of Dog Training Genesis. At the UPK9 Academy, I train professional dog trainers who want to better their skills, start their own dog training business or join the Unleashed Potential family of trainers. I put this site together so you can now access the training we provide our student pro trainers as well as thousands of pet owners worldwide. 

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Want UPK9 Dog Training Secrets? This FREE video series will help you teach your dog to pay attention, learn how dogs communicate, and build a proper relationship with your dog.

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2. The Core Excellence Program

The Core Excellence is a comprehensive, step-by-step, one-on-one instructional on-line course that will give you the knowledge, foundation and skills necessary to achieve a high level of obedience in your dog.  This program is the foundation that takes you step by step through positive training techniques and then teaches you how to overlay and introduce mild pressure and corrections to make sure you always get the behaviour you want from your dog while still getting heart and soul. Included in this program is the option to ask a question after every video and get weekly advice direct from Duke. 

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3. E-Collar Excellence

E - Collar Excellence is the best remote e-collar instruction on the internet today!! It is for all levels of training,  basic to advanced, if your thinking on using a remote e collar in your training then this program is a MUST!!  This level of membership includes all of The Core Excellence videos because THE CORE is the foundation of all our training. You must go though The Core Excellence before E Collar Excellence to achieve the best results possible. 

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New Training from Duke

Check out our latest training and watch for more coming soon!

Unleash Your Dogs Best Summit Interview

Cameron Thompsen from Home2K9 interviews Duke Ferguson in the Unleash Your Dogs Best Summit. $19.99

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Boundary Training Like a Boss!

This program will teach you how to boundary train your dog to never leave the designated boundaries. You can apply this training anywhere, your property, cottage, campgrounds, parks and more.The program requires an e-collar and food. $97

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Coming Soon: Train Retrieve Training

This is a complete step by step training that will enable you to teach any dog to retrieve basically anything you want. This training includes the use of both the verbal marker or clicker and e-collar.

The Results Duke's Students Are Getting:

"I brought Victor to Unleashed Potential to correct his behaviour. Since being at Unleashed Potential the results are incredible! Duke taught me to take control of Victor and to not give up on him. I want to thank you Duke for the time you took to teach both Victor and myself."

Louanne Mcquaid

"The Dog Training Genesis video training program Duke has created is amazing and a great resource to have to help us stay educated on how to work with and train Sully. Duke Ferguson and his team of Unleashed Potential Dog Trainers are AMAZING DOG TRAINERS!"

Mark, Heather, and Sully-woof

"Since signing up for the Dog Training Genesis Program, I have been able to help a dog learn quicker the right and wrong way to socialize and live in harmony within their new home. I love having the videos to go back to and reference with each dog that passes through my home as it gives me a chance to refresh myself to help my new canine buddy."

Guy Lapierre
Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Duke Ferguson ABDT, MT, NePoPo®

Other than Duke's past career as a wildlife biology technician and conservation officer,  Duke Ferguson is a Master Trainer and certified in NePoPo®. Duke is from Prince Edward Island, Canada and is one of the most respected trainers in the industry. Duke is also considered a  leader in the dog training industry by many world wide.

 Duke has devoted the last 30+ years studying dog training methods and applications from some of the best dog trainers and schools around the world to provide the best results possible. Duke considers mastery a process not a title. 

Over the years Duke has had the honour to be hired to consult and teach a variety of clients form Pet owners to military and police k9 including the RCMP to movie film and TV industry. 

Duke is the owner / CEO and master trainer of Unleashed Potential K9 Academy. At the UPK9 Academy he trains professional dog trainers who want better their skills or to start their own Unleashed Potential business and location. 

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